Tattoos for Women
Geisha tattoos are extremely feminine and are considered beautiful and erotic. These sensual and graceful tattoos generally represent a woman’s desires and dreams to escape the trappings of everyday life. Based of the design of a porcelain doll a geisha tattoo can also represent a fantasy world and take onlookers and the wearer alike, to another place in time.

A geisha tattoo is usually drawn in a portrait like style of a woman with her hair-up and face painted white with exuberant doll like features. Bright colors are abound with rich pigmentation. Sometimes other images are displayed with the geisha to add to the particular effect. With more traditional Japanese geisha tattoos you will see images such as cherry blossoms, peaches, fans, and ornamental robes surrounding the image. Fantasy geisha's are drawn in more of a pin-up model style and will be displayed with more of an imaginative approach.

A geisha tattoo is an elegant and sexy choice for any woman. Steeped in superstition and lore for hundreds of years and surrounded by unbridled beauty and grace this tattoo will always be delightful.

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