Tattoos for Women
Gemini tattoos are part of the zodiac calendar and it is the astrological sign for anyone born between the twenty second of May, and the twenty third of June. The Gemini represents the gods Artemis and Apollo. Artemis is considered to be the ancient Greek goddess of fertility and virginity, while Apollo represents truth and light, both born twins to Zeus and Leto, king and queen of the Greek deities. People who feel a strong connection with their own astrological symbol under the heavens, often gravitate to their own sign in the stars, this rings true for the entire zodiac, but even more so for Gemini’s, after all, being associated with a god can be very flattering.

When choosing a Gemini tattoo it is important to understand the different images that symbolize the sign. The most commonly seen symbol is that if the Roman numeral 2 or II, which represents the twins or separate facets of your personality. Another common depiction is the letter G or Gemini spelled out. Other more conspicuous versions of a Gemini tattoo would be a drawing of the stellar constellation, or an image portrait of the twins interlocked in a silhouette. There many ways display this sign in the heavens so try to become familiar with the one that suits your personality best.

Gemini tattoos are obviously very unique and personal, tied to an individual’s birth date, pairing your astrological sign to the zodiac is very popular. However, in the case of a Gemini tattoo, they share particularly uniqueness, as Gemini’s associate themselves with gods.

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