Tattoos for Women
Girly tattoos are just that, tattoos for girls that make them feel more feminine and comfortable in their own skin and still allow girls to express themselves in a manner that they see fit. Often sassy and sexy these are some of the most fun and attractive tattoos for women and showcase the female persona unlike anything else, and one of the best parts is that they can be reflected in just about any tattoo design imaginable.

Picking a girly image will defiantly help in making the tattoo more girly, pictures such as flowers, stars, and cute animals are good places to start, but what’s super exciting about a girly tattoo is that you can take just about design and make it girly, and your own, all at the same time. To make a tattoo design girly, there are many things that you can do, for instance; adding long eye lashes, rounding and softening the features, or affixing a pouty expression will often turn an ordinary design into a very girly image. You just might also have found out that in the process you also made the tattoo your own, showcasing your personality.

Be proud of being a female and show your seductive and attractive nature by making or choosing a girly tattoo.

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