Tattoos for Women
Goth or Gothic tattoos are derived from Northern Europe in period known as the middle ages. They are characterized by despair, gloomy settings, dark castles, witches, and evil, all wrapped in a mix of ambient degeneration.

Females who choose a Goth or Gothic tattoos are usually considered rebellious and embrace a darker side of their personality, it has also been said that these tattoos can cloak a woman’s troubled past.  Many different designs can be used in this style to include gargoyles, fallen angles, dragons, demons and skulls. Very seldom do you see bright colors and most images carry sinister expressions.

On a bright side, many consider these Goth or Gothic tattoos the sexiest of all. Everyone knows that entertaining a dark-side carries a mysterious and enigmatic way that draws people in.

Any woman that goes with a tattoo in this style should know what they are looking to represent and be mindful of the emotion that is displayed in her design.

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