Tattoos for Women
Gypsy tattoos are an old school tattoo style, generally referring to a nomadic or traveling band of people also called gypsies. Selecting a gypsy tattoo for yourself generally says that you are in a constant state for searching for happiness, and live life to its fullest every day without regard for tomorrow. Understanding what the gypsy means to you will play into its unique meaning and reflect your inner personality.

The design and style of a gypsy tattoo can vary greatly deepening on the on the wears preference. Mostly commonly seen is the pin-up style gypsy, this portrait shows dominance and can also reflect an image of power and female desire. Another popular showing is of a gypsy’s head with beautiful female features and a long starting gaze if she is trying to understand what the future may hold.  

Always done with a graceful elegance and ornateness the gypsy tattoo will be a standard to those of us who feel that we seek to find something better and strive to live and soak up each day as if it were the last.

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