Tattoos for Women
Hand tattoos are one of the only tattoos still frowned upon in western society, along with the neck and face. Deciding to ink on a hand tattoo will be making a significant statement to those around you and onlookers alike. The most common reasons that people will get a hand tattoo is for religious reasons, to show a sign of rebelliousness, or to make a profound statement against mainstream society.

When it comes to hand tattoos most women generally start out with a small star, flower, or a henna culturally influenced deign.  Common placement is usually under the thumb, between the thumb and forefinger, or just above the hand on the upper part of the wrist. Despite the mainstream stigma against hand tattoos more people seem to find a common ground and they still can provide a sense of elegance and sexyness if done in a tasteful manner.  A hand tattoo that is raising fast in popularity among married couples in the wedding band tattoo, often times couples will choose to have special band tattoos designed to take the place of wedding rings or to have underneath the actual band.

An important piece to remember about hand tattoos is that it will be showing a strong sense of dedication to tattoos and body art in general as the mainstream public is slow to accept body art on the hands.

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