Tattoos for Women
Henna is a type of paste that comes from a henna plant that is used for temporary tattoos generally done on the hands and feet for special celebrations that were held in Mediterranean countries. However, this tattoo is starting to become a mainstay and many women are taking these tattoo designs and making them permanent.

Most designs are done in the traditional henna style of scrolling dots or scripts, but there are many other symbols seen with this type of art such as flowers, hearts, suns, and moons. Generally associated with a very high level of detail these tattoos can capture an onlookers attention and hold their gaze for extended periods of time.  Henna tattoos are also beginning to spread to other areas of the body including up arms, lower back, and around the belly button.

If you have an appreciation for this type of art or feel an attachment to the meaning behind these Mediterranean scrollings, henna tattoos can be a great tattoo choice because everyone can appreciate the beauty and exquisite detail in henna designs.

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