Tattoos for Women
Indian tattoos are immersed deep in culture and religion. Affluent with myths and beliefs in things to come, these traditional tattoos are said to represent a woman’s appreciation for glorifying an almighty being.

These beautiful tattoo designs are generally taken from Indian art and can also be associated with ornamental beauty and vanity. The most commonly seen Indian tattoo is that of the Mehndi or Henna, this tattoo is usually applied to the hands or feet using single small dots to make out an entire image. Customarily these tattoos are done only for special occasions such as a wedding or a significant event in a woman’s life. Other popular Indian designs are that of the lotus flower, peacocks, and elephants, all of which are steeped in the customs of Indian history and art. Often in the West Indian tattoos will be seen blended Arabic writings or ancient texts to express more spirituality and emotion.

The level of detail required in most Indian tattoos takes a great artist and an ample amount time to complete, but the inspiration granted by these beautiful and articulate images are very expressive and will truly show a woman’s commitment to her beliefs.

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