Tattoos for Women
Ink is a modern slang word for a tattoo and can represent any type of tattoo imaginable. People will say something like “she’s all inked up” or “look at the ink on her”. However, for those who are in the writing or tattoo industry it is not uncommon to get a design of an ink vial or ink tattoo somewhere on their body.

Ink tattoos represent creativity and ideas. This tattoo is symbolic of the dedication to the craft and the support of tattoos and artists everywhere. Writers will often get a quill to accompany this design while a tattoo artist might have a tattoo gun. The color of the ink inside the vial can play a role into the overall meaning as well. However, most people will just use their favorite color inside the bottle.

Ink and tattoos will always be part of the human condition and continue to push forth a culture of independence and individuality.

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