Tattoos for Women
Irish style tattoos are a very popular deigns among women and an Irish tattoo can have many different meanings. Originally associated with pride of heritage they have evolved a long way and are now tied into the mainstream culture. Each unique Irish tattoo design carries its own message ranging from strength and wisdom to riches and luck.

With the luck of the Irish undeniable and every girl searching for good luck, shamrock, four leaf clovers, and leprechaun tattoos are probably the most favored of all the Irish tattoo designs. Other common styles of timeless beauty and deep meaning include the Celtic Knot, Oak Trees, and the Sun of Rays all of which carry cultural and spiritual significance. To display Irish pride with any of these designs many women will simple state the word Irish or weave an Irish flag into the image.

With so many choices and meanings of different Irish tattoos it’s important to do your research and find a style and design that fits your personality and shares a meaning close to your beliefs.

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