Tattoos for Women
Japanese tattoos are gaining in popularity with women. The Japanese culture is deep with history, mysticism, and elegance, so it’s not surprising that this tattoo is so commonly seen everywhere in the world today.

Most women that choose a Japanese tattoo design are making a statement of beauty and love, wrapped in a profound cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years. You don’t need to be Japanese or believe in an orient religion to enjoy the spiritualism and allurement of these beautiful tattoos.

Some of the most commonly seen Japanese tattoos designs are the koi fish, dragon, and that of Japanese women or Geisha’s, which translated means artist or performer, women who choose this image are often said to be hiding their inter-personally, or feel as if they have been acting out a role their entire life, and hide it within the beauty of the bold representation.

Surprisingly tattooing in Japan has been slow to catch on, and among the older generations it is strictly forbidden. Women that decide to take on this elegant tattoo design will always hold a fascination and perplex onlookers with emotion.

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