Tattoos for Women
Kanji tattoos for women are as ancient as the writings; this style of tattoo was developed in Japan where by one word phrases or sayings are drawn as lettering utilizing an ancient alphabet.

Women seem to like this tattoo writing for its subtle beauty and significance, the words are drawn elegantly with a deep dark mystifying print. Kanji is growing fast in popularity as many celebrities have been seen sporting this style of tattoo.

The most common phrases are that of, love, loyalty, and strength, a lot of research is required with a Kanji tattoo as translations don’t always workout into English. You wouldn’t want your Kanji tattoo to say something that you didn’t want it to represent. Please do your investigation carefully and take your time.

The most important aspect to remember about a Kanji tattoo is the symbolism in the writing and the strong belief that stating significant phrases in an ancient script is an extraordinary way of expressing yourself.

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