Tattoos for Women
Key tattoos are a fun and frisky design for girls to showcase their personality and quality traits without ever having to say a word.  Key’s represent one’s own ability to open and close doors in their life, understanding that the wearer has the power and ability to control their own destiny. Key tattoos also represent a key to finding true love, it can be a way a great way to demonstrate to that one special person that you have the key to unlock their heart and find love waiting inside.

The design and shapes of most key tattoos are elegantly done in a Victorian style reminiscent of days and architecture long forgotten. Small and large keys can be found pretty much anywhere on the canvas and placement can be in sexy areas where thoughts can be left to wonder what the key can open.  Colors range from the traditional black and grey pewter, to gold and silver often giving the tattoo a jewelry like feel. Also considered a very romantic design, key tattoos are often combined with matching locks or heart locks. One partner will get a lock while the other gets the matching key.

We all hold the keys to our own future and keys to success in our own lives, for these reasons key tattoos will always will open the door to the inter-working's of one’s own personal journey.

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