Tattoos for Women
A lamp has always been a symbol of light to move out of the darkness. Metaphorically speaking light equals good versus the darkness of evil. Lanterns can also represent faith, life, intelligence, and truth over lies.

Lantern or lamp tattoos designs can be drawn in many different ways. Sometimes women will add extra symbols around their lamp to create something unique that represents who they are and allows them to be extra creative. Lamps come in a verity of looks, you may choose your design in metal, wood or even cast iron. Sizing can range from small squares to round and tall. The most popular design is probably the Victorian style lamp, however, you will have many options and plenty of things to consider.

Light up you your canvas with you own lamp tattoo. Let it shine and guide you through the trials and tribulations we all face in our own lives. It can always be a beacon of truth for you in dark times. Enjoy your lamp or lantern tattoo.
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