Tattoos for Women
The leaf is a symbol of everlasting life as it releases life giving oxygen into the atmosphere. Leaves can also show the circle of life as they chance color throughout the year and eventually fall from a tree and die.

Some girls like their leaf tattoos to be vibrant in color with bright reds, oranges and yellows to show how much they enjoy life. Other prefer a darker image of a leaf, showing a dead or crumpled brown leaf on the ground, or falling from a tree representing the passing of timer or even death. Damaged leafs, perhaps ones that has been eaten by insects can reflect harmful events that have haunted the wear throughout her life, such as a disorder like anorexia or even drugs.

When girls have a reason to get a leaf tattoo the meaning is usually very personal an they often feel a strong connect with Earth and Mother Nature. We all come from the Earth and a leaf is a perfect symbol of our connection to everything.
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