Tattoos for Women
Tattoos from the zodiac calendar are always good at symbolizing the personality of the wearer. Libra is the sign for anyone born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Libra’s represent life and balance and are generally worn by people that have a cool and calm demeanor. Libra tattoos show stability and harmony with nature and are a good way to display your place in the stars. Justice is another strong trait in a Libra tattoo, and the resilience and stability that represent a Libra gives it the symbol of the scale.

When it comes to deciding on which Libra tattoo you should get there are many designs options to choose from. Most people seem to decide on the classic design of an old weight and measures scale done in either silver or gold and place attributes of balance in their life on either side of the graduated measure. Other popular choices include the stars that make up the stellar constellation, the planet Venus, the sun and the moon, or yin-yang designs. Going for the direct approach and simply placing with word Libra in bold text is another easy way to tell onlookers of your status.

An important note to remember when trying to decide if getting a Libra tattoo is right for you is to make sure that it represents your personality. The traits of a Libra don’t always necessarily align with who you are. We are all trying to make balance in our lives, weighing our options on the scale of life, Libra’s hold key to this balance, and are needed sign to help everyone find the right path.

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