Tattoos for Women
Lily tattoos have always been adorned by women of all ages. Lily’s are symbolic of a women who is in touch with her feelings and is considered very sensually and loving.

When picking a lily tattoo the most important thing to be mindful of is the coloration, as the majority of a females personality will play through its pigment. Yellow petals can signify power and grace, while choosing an orange configuration will show sexiness and passions, red of course means loves, and white indicates purity. Going with a clustered adornment of lily’s can entertain a host of personally facets and can be a fun and sexy design. Sizes and designs vary from super small to medium leg shapes, and they can even be as large as the entire back or side, a Lily tattoo can never take up to much space on a woman’s canvas.

Understand your lily tattoo is a personal commitment but will surely payoff given their pleasant and flirtatious universal appeal.

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