Tattoos for Women
Lion & Leo
Women have always appreciated the noble beauty of Lion tattoos. Other animal tattoos on women can hardly stand up to the menacing king of the jungle; this tattoo is meant to represent female superiority in its highest form. However, most women that choose this design wish to show their place in the stars, as it is also the symbol of astrology and the zodiac seen as Leo the Lion in the heavens.

Lion tattoos can be done in a verity of different ways, most women choose the realistic lion either laying in wait or focusing on a distant object, beckoning you with its deep dark eyes and flowing lines of the savanna from which it came. Some of these tattoos are done so beautifully that you could literally spend hours gazing into their depth. Other deigns include cartoonish Lions or Tribal styles which are represented in hundreds of cultures around the world.

Selecting this tattoo will always be powerful and majestic or cute and playful depending on the direction a woman wishes take this most impressive design.

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