Tattoos for Women
Women that get a lizard tattoo usually get them for only two reasons. The first being that lizards are appreciated as emblems of adaptation, and show that a woman has escaped a trapped situation in her life, or has been in a troubled position and managed to survive. The second is that lizards are beautiful and spellbinding reptiles that capture attention with their distinctive look that can’t be found anywhere else in nature.

Most women that have lizard tattoos create them in a realistic or cartoon like style design. The most popular being the gecko. These small crafty reptiles can come in a verity of colors and sizes and can be fit pretty much anywhere on the body. Women also like to wrap or surround their lizard with other images and designs to reflect more personality and meaning. Usually lizard tattoos are seen with flames, flowers, or two lizards chasing each other to form a yin yang.

Straying away from the traditional design some women like to draw their lizard in a tribal or Celtic style. Tribal and Celtic designs are done simply with straight lines and are usually always in black and white, still beautiful in their own right and deep with culture these seem to be growing in popularity.

Lizard tattoos on women are still not very popular so if you choose this design it will likely be unique and one of a kind.

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