Tattoos for Women
Lotus tattoos for women represent a deep belief in enlightenment and understanding, symbolic of self fulfillment and the journey we all must take to obtain self realization. Lotus tattoos are also said to be associated with life and blossoming, or maturity, but no matter what a woman’s reason for getting a lotus tattoo is, they will always be a sexual, forgiving, and a very exciting image.

Shapes and designs and usually done in a simple but realistic fashion, with pedals spread outward and up, as if the flower was yearning for onlookers to gaze into its pattern. This beautiful tattoo can plume into just about any form or design possible, and makes for an interesting display anywhere on the body. You will also often see a lotus displayed with eastern or Chinese writing as the lotus is a mythological symbol of life in the Buddhist religion.  

Shades and coloration's can really help to announce more expression and the overall emotional feel of this efflorescence blossom. Choose you pallet arrangement wisely and study pictures of the flower in nature to bring forth your individual personality.

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