Tattoos for Women
Everyone knows that women are the nurturers of love, so it’s not surprising that women decide to tattoo their feelings about love on their bodies. Women having the strongest connections to their feelings understand that love is the strongest emotion on earth, and displaying a love tattoo expresses that emotion in a very individual and personal manner.

Women that choose love tattoos as an avenue for expression are usually deep and caring, and want to show their feeling for a person, husband/lover, child, or family member in a very distinctive manner.  The symbols and designs that most women choose when expressing this conviction on their canvases are hearts, roses, flowers, portraits, or just the simple written word.

Most love tattoos seen on women show that they are actually in love, but others may just want to express their general feelings toward love and show it as a powerful emotion in their lives.

Rest assured that any woman who chooses this tattoo design will be making a persuasive and effectual statement of caring and affection on everyone that sees.

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