Tattoos for Women
Lower Back
Lower back tattoos have been a favorite among women since the early 90s. This extremely feminine tattoo can accentuate the female physique and bring attention to the beauty that is a woman’s body. As teasing and provocative as lower back tattoos can be, they also are easily covered and can be brought forth at will when sexuality and confidence needs to be displayed.

The most popular design of a lower back tattoo is that of the V shape, this curvaceous design helps to flatter the already beautiful body of a woman and shows onlookers desire, lust, and passion. The art is usually done in a tribal like print, star style, or flowery design. Options are endless and picking to add another image into the design can reflect more individual persona or express a particular emotion. Many women prefer to make their design colorful to bring more attention, try to avoid small shapes and configurations as they can make the lower back look to broaden in shape and distract from the female form.

Getting a lower back tattoo is a personal choice for any woman and a decision that should not be taken lightly, these tattoos being as sexy as they are can sometime warrant unwanted advances.

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