Tattoos for Women
Maori tattoos are another form of a tribal tattoo that came from a culture in Polynesia and New Zealand, these very beautiful and captivating tattoos were cut carefully into the skin using a small bone fragment from a native animal and would typically take months to complete.  This process was called Ta Moko and has recently become a very popular tribal tattooing style.

Most women that choose a Maori tattoo get them as a symbol of individual identity. These designs are usually spirals or puzzle like patterns done in a traditional black and white coloration, although many women decide to add color to take their image into the modern era.

Going with a Maori tattoo can make a profound statement and show a connection to the Maori people, but more than likely this tattoo will be displayed simply for its ascetic beauty.  Both ways, people will always have respect for this tattoo and of the culture it represents.

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