Tattoos for Women
Memorial tattoos are worn by women that wish to honor the memory of someone or something that was close to her in life. Memorial tattoos are a wonderful way to celebrate something that was lost. This works not only as an emotional relief but also helps to heal the demonstrative feelings of pain.

Creating a lasting decision on your canvas to memorialize something should not be taken lightly. Questions around the tattoo will certainly bring up feelings close to your heart. However, these profound statement tattoos are very powerful psychologically. It’s important to note that memorial tattoos should always pay homage to the interest or personality of what you want to memorialize, but it should also be a design that you as a women feel inspired to have on your body.

The most commonly seen designs of memorial tattoos include images such as in loving memory messages, crosses, tombstones, roses, angels, birds, and mourning faces. Women try and keep the designs more toward the feminine side and will also include things like butterfly’s, fairies, and hearts. Creativity and memory or what was should take precedence over everything else relating to the design or symbol. Always remember that you are creating an exclusive tattoo for an object or person that is unique.

Whatever design you decide on for your memorial tattoo it is important to note that it should come from the heart and keep inspiring you until your time comes too.

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