Tattoos for Women
Mermaid tattoos are gaining acceptance as a beautiful tattoo design for women. Their roots stem back to the early 1300's when mariners were said to have spotted them on long voyages across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Mermaids are very superstitious creatures that can have a verity of different meanings for a woman. Choosing from one of the three different styles will often determine the symbolism, Asian, tribal, or fantasy. Most of these designs represent a love of the ocean and indulge the mysteries of the sea, while others can show empowerment and the heavenly beauty of a woman.

Most women choose the fantasy design as it is the most playful and fun. Colors are usually plodding but personality can still shine through by adding pictures in and around your mermaid. Most commonly you will see them with other fantasy creatures, weapons, or instruments to deepen the mythology that surrounds them and the woman’s fascination with the ocean.

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