Tattoos for Women
Mexican tattoos are full of superstition and tradition, and they carry a very deep rooted history in the culture. Beautifully captivating pieces of art work some of the history behind the tattoos dates back generations and can show insight into an ancient culture. Popular with people from all walks of life for their alluring design but also a symbol of cultural pride, it’s easy to see why Mexican tattoos are such an attractive option.

Many different deigns and images can constitute a Mexican tattoo, probably the most popular are Aztecan and Mayan designs taken directly from the culture and off the walls of the ancient ruins. If you decide that you want an Aztec or Mayan tattoo I would recommend doing your research and trying to figure out what each image means as questions about the awesome designs will surely follow.  Other Mexican tattoo depictions include images such as religious icons, suns, moons, and Mexican flags.

As for religious symbols the image of praying hands or the initials BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) are frequently seen and often the tattooed Virgin herself will appear on the canvas. Sometimes people will tattoo Mexican holidays or images from certain Mexican celebrations on their skin such as decorative skulls or angles from festivities like the Day of the Dead, which honors loved one and passed away decedents.

As you probably noticed there are literally thousands of different Mexican tattoos that are as rich as the history of the Mexican culture and the fascination with these designs are timeless and more than likely carry a meaning from an ancient or spiritual past.

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