Tattoos for Women
Women who are in the military or who have loved ones in the armed forces usually get military tattoos. They express pride and patriotism for the country and let everyone know your status and feelings about our fighting men and women.

Some military tattoos are done in a memorial style for troops who were killed in action, but the most commonly sees designs of pride tattoos. These are done in the style of the military service branch that needs to be represented or as the countries home flag with the special operations initials spelled out in writing. Also, frequently seen are dog tag tattoos which help women feel closer to their loved one in sharing a common cause.

Lots of options and designs are available for military tattoos, and deciding on the location will probably be the biggest decision you will have to make. Is it something you want to always have in plain view to boast your pride, or do you want to be able to conceal it for times when you might be in uniform.

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