Tattoos for Women
Women like monkey tattoos for their playful spirit, curiosity, and sassiness. Monkey tattoos are not very common but express these emotions better than any other design.

There are many different types of monkey tattoos to choose from, some have cultural influences such as Chinese or tribal monkeys, but most are playful and cartoonish in style, the Curious George design seems to be gaining traction with women and is very hot right now. You can display your monkey in many different ways; there are head art views, side designs, tails, and full bodied monkeys swinging from trees and vines. Personality can shine bright in these friendly human like primates.

Monkey tattoos on women are usually displayed in one of four areas, lower back, upper back, shoulder, and arm. Have fun with this design, and make it as enjoyable and mischievous as monkeys everywhere.

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