Tattoos for Women
Moon tattoos are an amusing design for women. The moon holds a fascination and mysteriousness, it controls the tides of the ocean and is said to toy with female emotions. The moon is a fun simplistic design that can be very beautiful and easily made your own.

A woman that has a moon tattoo could be showing many different attributes. Since it is an object of the night, it may suggest that you enjoy evenings and are a night owl; it is also considered by many to be a guiding light, and could imply that you are a leader. The nice thing about a moon tattoo is that it is a fun design that can be combined with many other objects to more define your personality.

Surprisingly, women have many different tattoo design options here; there are full moons, crescent moons, half moons, cartoon moons, and religious moons, just to name a few. You could also do a face moon and combine the moon and sun together to reflect the two side of your personality.

Whatever moon you pick, it can surely be made your own and gives you many options to be creative, rest assured, moon tattoos will always carry significance for women.

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