Tattoos for Women
Women have always felt a strong attraction to music. Music is said to guide a woman’s life and express her soul for the world to explore, and the same holds true for music tattoos.

There are many different reason for a woman to get a musical tattoo, she could be a composer, play an instrument, be a musical enthusiast, or just love the beauty and passion that music manifests in all of us. The most common styles of music tattoos are of music bars, notes or treble clefs, often wrapped around hearts, stars, or other revealing designs to further express emotions for these harmonized sounds.

Music tattoo designs are one of my favorites because they can be displayed in so many different ways, and being able to make a profound and bold statement with such a simple small and elegant design is very powerful.

With music being apart of everyone’s culture and experiences choosing this tattoo will carry meaning well into the ages and be a timeless classic for eternity.

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