Tattoos for Women
Native American
Native American tattoos are very culturally significant and offer a ton of different design options. More the likely if a girl chooses this style of tattoo, she is showing a connection to her heritage by way of family connections, or she could be a member of a tribe. Lately these tattoos have been rising in popularity and can also be shown for their ascetic beauty and are often used as status symbols within the general public.

Many Native American tattoos are derivatives from the art of the culture and picking your design will help illustrate your attitude and personality, so be sure to pick your image carefully. Animals such as wolfs, coyotes, horses and birds are very common, other popular designs are feathers, dreamcatchers, and totems. Pictures of actually people instilled in the history of Native American culture are distinguished on some wears to showcase pride and values.

Native Americans have always shown strong beliefs toward spirituality and nature, so deciding how to display these images can be very changeling and choosing the right design and style should take a considerable amount of time. However, it should also be said that Native American tattoos will always command respect and display the homage and the morals of a people that will never be forgotten.

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