Tattoos for Women
Nautical Star
Nautical stars are deep with history and date back centuries; soldiers, sailors and marines used them as guiding lights at night to give them direction and ensure a safe and precise journey. The symbolism of this tattoo design has changed slightly over the years but the recognizable icon remains the same. This 3d style tattoo has five star points and lines drawn down the middle of each with one side usually colored darker then the other.

For women nautical stars are more of a remembrance tattoo for military or loved ones who are away or gone for long periods of time, displaying this tattoo is meant to show that they will always find their way back to the wearer as a guided light. Other meanings for women suggest that their own life as gone off into a completely different direction from where they begin, or they use it as a personal adviser so that they never stray from their goals.

Women have always liked this design and it is an extremely popular tattoo. Designs and sizes can range from extremely huge to very small, and their color arrays can be anything under the rainbow. Rest assured that choosing a nautical star will always be respected and express affection with their universal meaning.

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