Tattoos for Women
Nautical tattoos date back to early 17th century sailors, and represent mysticism and fantasy in relation to the ocean and sea. People who choose to wear a nautical tattoo often carry a deep sense mystery as vast as the oceans themselves.

The most popular style of a nautical tattoo is that of the nautical star, used to guide lost sailors at night and still seen as a point of reference for seafaring today. With such a broad range of nautical themes, nautical tattoos can stem in any direction with an underlining theme of aquatics, boating, navigation, or military service in the Navy.  

A nautical tattoo will always be a strong tattoo choice and have a place on anyone who shares a love of the ocean and seafaring. It’s easy to see why these tattoos can captive an onlooker with awe and inspiration as we all share a simplistic fascination in the perplexity of the ocean.

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