Tattoos for Women
The octopus is an out of this world looking creature that is symbolic of independence, intelligence, changeability, and sophistication. A simple squid without a shell the Octopus is one of the most adaptable creates on earth, and this tattoo can show hints of sex-appeal unlike any other animal in the ocean.

Beautiful and deadly, octopus tattoos can be done in a verity of shapes, colors, and configurations. The body of an octopus is so flexible and can contort into any configuration and the only way to truly measure the size of this creature is between its eyes. Octopus’s change colors almost as often as they misshape their size, this adaptable creature can automatically change color to immediately blend into its setting. Also, carrying poison and an incredibly strong beak, octopus tattoos can tell onlookers to beware of an energetic and domineering personality.

Choosing an octopus tattoo leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation and there is no denying the beauty and uniqueness of this amazing creature. Rest assured that an octopus tattoo will live on and around a woman’s canvas for years to come.

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