Tattoos for Women
Orchid tattoos are one of the most beautiful designs to adorn the female body. Known for their long-lasting qualities and gracefulness, an Orchid tattoo is an immediate attention grabber. Girl’s who choose this design are known to be exotic and not bashful when it comes to expressing their feelings. The history associated with this flower dates back thousands of years and it was originally worn in hair of upper class ancient Greek women to show they were head over heels in love and poses great wealth and beauty.

With literally thousands of Orchid follower designs to decide from, picking an Orchid tattoo can often pose somewhat of a challenge. The most seen image of an Orchid tattoo is that of the common house Orchid, featuring its long stem and bright top plume of a few flower sprouts and several leaves. Colors are usually either red or white, each carrying its own meaning and significance.

Orchid tattoos will always be attractive and alluring and can hold their when it comes to impressiveness and charm against the vast array of flowery designs, in-turn, orchids will always be a treasured choice for women and girls of all ages.

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