Tattoos for Women
Oriental tattoos are unique for their beauty and elegant sophistication. Women who get Oriental tattoo are often associated with great beauty and want to immerse themselves in the culture of the orient. These tattoos represent unbridled strength and attraction and their simplistic aesthetic appeal is unmatched with regard to tattoo designs done in a traditional style.

Oriental tattoos carry a vast array of different images from the entire culture, more traditional options include designs of geisha’s, koi fish and cherry blossoms, but there are also more fanciful images such as dragons and mystic landscapes. With thousands of different plants growing in Asia many flower designs also take their roots from the Oriental bouquets which spring with vibrant colors and soft glows of reflection. Some bird designs are also reflective of different customs, such as hummingbirds, sparrows, and peacocks, and it isn’t uncommon for someone to get an oriental tattoo and not even know it.

With the origin of oriental tattoos flowing deep into almost every aspect of tattoo design these beautiful tattoos will always remain a stead fast image of remarkable remembrance and symbolism on any canvas.

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