Tattoos for Women
Owl tattoos, as you probably guessed are symbols of wisdom and experience, but they also have a close attachment to the human soul, and in some cultures they are said to possess unearthliness and hold the balance between the mortal world and the spirit. Deeply rooted in many different myths from cultures around the world, an owl tattoo can have a verity of reasons to be placed upon the human canvas.

When most people get an owl tattoo they decide to keep it simple and go with a more traditional approach, opting for a short and stocky build, with its signature big round eyes taking up most of the face. Girls generally like to go cute with their owl tattoo and use smiley faces, and portray their owl in a fun loving manner by having it dance or sketched it into a patchwork design with bright and vivid colors. Also popular is the tribal owl tattoo with its roots mostly set in Native American cultures. This simple like print or outline of the owls image can be very elegant and distinct. Another nice reason for placing an owl tattoo is the fact that you can add so many other images with the design to reflect more personality, seen with starry nights, wooded scenes, and even rainbows, the owl tattoo can add charisma to any canvas.

Owl tattoos can be a very fun design and can be taken in a verity of different directions. One of the less considered images, the owl tattoo can find a place anywhere on the body for its important meaning or just as a cute and fun design, rest assured, the owl tattoo will always have at home.

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