Tattoos for Women
Panther tattoos have long been symbols of freedom and sensuality for women. These fascinating cats of stealth and cunning are an expressive way for girls to show the sexy side of their personally while still expressing a clever mysterious strength. An under seen tattoo for women these panthers will always be a strong uncommonly displayed choice.

The style of panther tattoos is eloquent yet simple in design. Long stretched shapely black cats with shiny coats and in a stealth like pose are common.  Eyes are deep and gazing with claws spread wide and grasping, often drawing blood to symbolize the danger that the woman possesses. Mouths usually shown open wide as if the cat were letting out a sinister growl. Sometimes the panther will be displayed climbing up a limb such as an arm or a leg in a stealthy motion showing its seductive nature. Other women prefer to just display the head of the cat with a detailed face and features portraying an emotion that they want onlookers to feel a part of. Most commonly these types of images are displayed in a friendly manor and show a softer side of a girl’s complexion while still holding true to the traits of a panther.

Panther tattoos being gentle or ferocious can be a personality defining choice for females of all ages and show an artistic sensual nature to fit any women’s temperament into these magnificent cats of prey.

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