Tattoos for Women
For women the parrot has always been a personal companion and guardian. Representing beauty, intelligence, and freedom, a parrot can fly graciously onto the canvas of any woman. Considered one of the most advanced species of bird, parrots even have a vocabulary of over a hundred words and can recognize faces and symbols.

With hundreds of different breeds of parrots, there are many ways to make you parrot unique and stand out in a crowd. With beautiful feathers, colors, and plumage designing your parrot can be lots of fun. Many girls also choose to depict an emotion in their parrot's expression by making it smile, or giving it an inquisitive look. It's important to do your research with these exotic birds as they will span your canvas for a lifetime.

Probably no other bird has been loved more then the parrot and as a symbol of flight toward a better place, it's important for some women to play homage to such an amazing animal by placing one on her canvas.
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