Tattoos for Women
Peacock tattoos epitomize beauty and elegance, very reflective of someone with tons of charisma and charm, while showing a strong outgoing and frontward “here I am” personality. The peacock is a great tattoo selection for both men and women alike and seems to be universally accepted design across cultures.

The Peacock tattoo is known for its beautiful vibrant coloration and gorgeous plumage that fans all the eyes of the peacock’s feathers. Lustrous artful designs are often seen to showcase the raw allure and beauty of these magnificent birds. Understanding the meaning of your design will take some thought and planning, also the placement needs to be firmly considered as peacock arrangements generally take up a large area of skin.

A Peacock tattoo will always be a statement of your strong personality but always over shadowed by your beautiful plumage of beauty while adorning many an admirer.

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