Tattoos for Women
The Phoenix has always been a symbol of life and rebirth, and carries the same meaning for women that display this magnificent tattoo design. It has been a superstitious bird of lore for thousands of years, the legend of the phoenix is one of intrigue and amazement. As this fascinating bird realizes it is going to die, and prepares its own ritual funeral fire for cremation and lays itself into the flame, only to die and then be reborn among the ashes of its former self.

Women that choose a phoenix tattoo are making a significant statement about their own lives and may want to express the journey they took from a near death experience or troubled past to their new life and rebirth. Powerful emotions follow this tattoo and designs are usually beautiful and symbolic, most are adorned with bright vivid colors but some are done in a tribal style with only a black and white coloration. It is also not uncommon to see the phoenix with flames and fire or a sun in the background to help onlookers truly understand its meaning.

Any woman that wants to start a new life or leave troubled times behind her may want to consider a phoenix tattoo; it will always invoke strong feelings and remain a beautiful design as it has for hundreds of centuries.

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