Tattoos for Women
Pin-Up Girl
Pin up girl tattoos are gaining ground as a popular design for women to show female empowerment and sexuality. These cleaver images of girls seduce men and boys with their raw sex appeal and show the power and beauty of the female body.

First made famous in the 1930s when posters of female movie stars would be shown to help sell sex in the cinema, they really gained popularity in the early 1940s when service men overseas would request these sexy pictures to help remember home and all the damsels that awaited them.

Most pin up girl tattoos are drawn as illustrations of real or fictional women with over the top sensual features and dressed in scantily-clad clothing. These designs that are used to allure can be very empowering for any female, women can even show their own seductive nature in these portraits by drafting pin-up girls in her own image.

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