Tattoos for Women
Pirates are the criminals of the the golden age of sailing. Living outside the law, pirates went anywhere they wanted and took whatever they needed. This adventures time in our history is is considered very appealing and often romanticized about. With a majority of the world still undiscovered, the pirate ship represented the open sea and the desire to live a life of freedom (also see pirate tattoos:

Pirate life is something women have glamorized for years, and the best representation of that time is summed up best by a pirate ship tattoo. These designs of beautiful ships sailing the ocean blue and not surrendering without a fight. Pirate ships tattoos are as alluring and beckoning as the sea itself. Most designs include a jolly roger or a variations of a skull and crossbones symbolizing the pirate life. Design options are as bountiful as ships of the era, with hundreds of different models from countries around the world. Pirates would capture merchant, trade, and even warships. No vessel would be left behind, often assembling fleets of their own.

Capture the treasure, wealth, riches, power, adventure, and freedom of a bygone era by getting yourself a pirate ship tattoo.
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