Tattoos for Women
Pirate tattoos for women are slowly growing in popularity. They are a symbol of a woman’s strength and rebellious spirit. Pirates have always been captivating and have represented excitement, freedom, trouble, and treasure. Some are done with a sexual undertone to show the female personification from that era and maybe to reflect a little individual personality.

Many different pirate tattoos are available for women and they can be lots of fun. The most common are the skull and crossbones, pirate ships, anchors, and pictures of pirate people. Pirate ship tattoos commonly represent a woman’s desire for romance and the anchor is symbolic of steadiness is a changing world. Emotions can gleam heavy in a pirate tattoo, and they are usually done in bold bright colors.

Any woman who decides on a pirate tattoo should be prepared to talk about her fiery nature, rebellious spirit, and quest for booty.

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