Tattoos for Women
Pisces is the twelfth and final sign in the zodiac, the people who wear this sign were born between February 20th and March 20th. The sign for water, Pisces main planet in the stellar constellation is Neptune, also known as the god of the sea. Pisces tattoos tell the story of someone who is charming, enjoyable, compassionate, and expressive in a very imaginative and creative way. The myth of Pisces is based in Greek and Roman legend; it’s said the god Eros and his mother Aphrodite jumped into a river and turned into fish to escape the monster Typhoon who was ravaging Mt. Olympus. After they turned into fish there was no going back and they had to survive the trials and tribulations of the river, they had many close calls but were eventually saved by other fish and were later hung in the sky by Zeus for not giving up.

The symbol most associated with Pisces is two fish or a pair of twin fish moving in opposite directions from one and another, the motion between the two fish represents the dual nature of the Pisces, similar to the Ying and the Yang in Chinese philosophy. Choosing the fish you wish to use can take some thought and consideration as different verities of fish can say contrasting things about your personality. I would suggest studying the many breeds of fish to help you make a decision that best represents you.

The other iconic symbol affiliated with a Pisces tattoo is the letter H. The ends of each of its four corners are usually drawn sweeping outwards, symbolic of two fish moving away from each other, with the center line holding their wills together. With Pisces being a water sign there are a verity of other art designs and images that can attach itself to this heavenly constellation. Sometimes people will ink on an underworld ocean or crashing waves. Another popular design is of the god Neptune raising out of the depths of the sea with a trident in hand to show reign over the movement of the tide.

Pisces is one of the most fun signs, being that you have so many tattoo options to pick from. Deciding on the one that matches your personality and the image you want to portray can me very exciting. It’s probably why Pisces is one of the most popularly tattooed zodiacs.

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