Tattoos for Women
Pitbulls have a two sided nature, one side shows a fun loving dog seen as man’s best friend and then the other shows an aggressive, bad tempered dog with a hostile personality. The same holds true for Pitbull tattoos and deciding which way you want to go with your tattoo will be reflective of your personality. Many people that get a Pitbull tattoo get a portrait style design after their own dog. While others simply have a fondness for the dog or want to display their devotion to the breed, some use theirs as a warning to tell onlookers to beware and watch out.

The design of a Pitbull tattoos vary as widely as the nature of the dog itself. Most styles are done in a head shot style of the animal using great detail and deep lines to bring out the strong features, such as the cropped ears and big eyes with an expression of whatever the owner desires. Another popular depiction of a Pitbull tattoo is the cartoon style image of the dog, these cartoons are usually playful and generally mean that the wearer has a kindness for the breed and wants to reflect the fondness for the animal as a tattoo. The portrait design is usually taken from a photo of the wearers own dog and our used as a memorial or living reflection of their own dog. The last design of a Pitbull tattoo is of the ferocious animal in an attack posture with sharp teeth and muscular build in a face off type stance with a confrontational manor.

Pitbull tattoos can be very misunderstood just as the breed itself, but inking on one of these best friends can be choice to help change that perception.

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