Tattoos for Women
Praying Hands
Praying hands tattoos generally represent a devotion to a religious faith and are an expressive commitment to God. These are very meaningful and touching tattoos to the wearer and can evoke great passion for one’s faith.

Most Praying hand tattoo designs are done in the traditional style of a man’s hands laid flat and pushed against each other. Often a rosary will be drawn around the outer palms or strung around the hand in a draping or swinging motion to specify the religion and show a greater commitment or devotion. Sometimes women will use a females hands with softer features and long elegant fingers. Placement is also an important factor in determining and showing a devotion to your faith. The arm and upper back seem to be where most decide to show their belief in a higher being.

A praying hand tattoo is always a remind of the hand above that will always help you in your time of need. Happiness can often be found when uniting with God and showing your praying hands tattoo.

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