Tattoos for Women
One of the best ways to express yourself in detail is through a full quote tattoo, these full length sayings carry significant meaning to the wearer and choosing a quote that represents you can be something personal, like a quote that you live by, or a quotation from a famous or not so famous source. The meanings behind these quotes are generally exactly what you want it them say or mean, with no-puns intended.  

There are many verities of quotes, you can also use colors and bold fonts to set the stage for expressing yourself. Often girls will pick a script or font directly correlating to the phase. For instance, bible verses in quotes will often be written in old English lettering to put greater emphases on the quote and extract it into the correct context. Deciding on a quote that fits your personality is key, but also choosing the correct size, font, and location will play a huge role in determining the importance of the quote tattoo to you.

Quote tattoos are always a great choice for women as sometimes nothing can mean or say more than written word, but remember to choose these quotes wisely and say something you'll mean for a lifetime, as these quotes are permanent.

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