Tattoos for Women
Rainbows are made when water drops hit sunlight falling through the air and refract the light into a prism breaking the light apart to show all colors of the spectrum, the colors in this pallet make up every color recognized by the human eye, a truly beautiful sight.

No woman can deny the beauty of a rainbow and they are very expressive tattoos. Most rainbow tattoos are done to show gay or lesbian pride as it has slowly become a recognizable symbol of that community. However, some women choose to display a rainbow tattoo strictly based on its aesthetic beauty.

Most commonly rainbow tattoos are designed with waterfalls, clouds, suns or stars, to help express more emotion and add individual personality. You can pretty much take your rainbow tattoo in any direction and add it to or make it apart of just about any image imaginable.

Rainbow tattoos will always make a statement and reflect beauty and fascination no matter what the representation.

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