Tattoos for Women
Raven tattoos have a range of meanings from being a mythological bird of deception to the symbol of transformation. Some cultural depictions also show the raven as the carrier between life and death and can be a representation of the wearers own struggles between good and evil.

With raven tattoos having so many meanings under the sun, the display of these feathered creatures can also vary widely. The most prominent feature is bird’s dark black color and bold black eyes, often outstretched wings put the raven soaring above the night sky, while others choose a more subdued approach and perched the raven, with a dark gaze staring into a bright sun.

As the most common bird in existent today, the raven tattoo has a very recognizable image that is surrounded by mythology and beliefs from around the world. Raven tattoos will always make as bold of a statement as the colors of the birds themselves.

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